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Mastering the Mental Game of Gaelic Football

* Includes Onboarding Session with Dr Paul McCarthy

About The Good Athlete

Welcome to The Good Athlete, the home of practical and accessible sport psychology courses to help you achieve your sporting potential. 

Dr Paul McCarthy is the Director of The Good Athlete. The Good Athlete focuses on helping people to succeed with a specific focus on Gaelic Games.  Having played and coached hurling, football, and camogie, Dr Paul McCarthy understands the fabric of Gaelic Games from club to county. He works with club and county players throughout the provinces. The courses Dr Paul offers here are free to give a helping hand to those wishing to get a handle on the metal game of Gaelic football. Dr Paul is an internationally recognised sport psychologist with over 70 scholarly articles and books, including the definitive book on Becoming a Sport Psychologist in which leading sport psychologists shared their journeys to the top of their profession. As a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and registered sport and exercise psychologist consultant, Paul has worked with athletes across all ages, levels and sports from junior athletes through to professional golfers, footballers, Commonwealth and Olympic athletes. Most notably, the world-famous St Andrews Links Golf Academy in Scotland recognised Paul’s expertise and invited him to become the first sport psychologist in residence at the Old Course, St Andrews.


Learning to Excel

In The Good Athlete, Dr Paul draws on his extensive experience, and global connections to bring you a series of exciting and transformative courses in sport psychology to help you perform to your potential. The mission of The Good Athlete is to make current research and thinking in sport psychology current best practice. By drawing on his experience, and discussions with leading experts in the field, Dr Paul ensures that the courses truly reflect the best, and most current thinking on a particular topic. The online courses are all professionals produced and narrated. The courses comprise audio material so you can listen at your convenience, and because all the material is online, you can download to use anywhere. Accompanying the audio material is a comprehensive workbook filled with practical exercises to help you get the most from the course.

 Sport psychology is understanding mental processes and behaviour in sport settings.  In The Good Athlete courses, the aim is to help you improve your performance and well-being. The courses help you to:

Perform better under pressure

Control your anger

Cope with mistakes

Deal with negative thoughts

Lead teams effectively

Improve group dynamics

Relax before, during and after competition

Be more resilient

Join The Good Athlete 365?

The Good Athlete 365 is for you if:

  • You enjoy 1:1 support for your mental fitness each month of the year

  • You’re ready to stop making excuses and start working on the mental skills that will help you to feel confident, motivated and resilient.

  • You want to learn more about mental fitness without feeling confused, overwhelmed or too dizzy from the information overload out there.

  • You want greater mental fitness to enjoy your daily life and not be constantly stressed by having to fit everything into even less time.

  • You love learning and value the support, guidance and advice to create a mentally fit and healthy lifestyle for you.

One to One Support

A Private and Confidential Service

We recognise that in any journey towards achieving your potential, sometimes it is helpful to talk to someone. If after completing some courses, or even alongside completing the courses, you would like to speak with someone to help you, then we would encourage you to visit Dr Paul McCarthy Private Practice to help you either in person or online.

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